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Article: How Broker's Best got its name

How Broker's Best got its name

How Broker's Best got its name

Hey Friend! 

If you've been following along my journey since the beginning (2019), you may remember a time when the planner had a different name. I went through a name change, err let's call it a *rebrand* early in 2021. I spent months wracking my brain over a new awesome name that wraps my intention and audience together. 

Let me tell you .. I had lists on top of lists of ideas and google searches and spent hours on end thinking and testing and texting my go to's to bounce names off of. 

Here's when it hit...

I was hanging with 2 close friends, a fellow agent and a lender. My lender friend was telling a story about her best friend and she started say "My best, who lives in... "(referring to her best friend)  *BAM* it hits.  I don't remember the rest of her story because my mind was running and buzzing with this thought. 

I turn to her with my eyes wide and possibly my jaw dropped. She looks back at me and stops mid story, probably because I'm starring like a crazy person, clearly in my own head space. The room goes silent and I questionably say aloud while on the edge of my seat, "... Broker's... Best.... "

They both know exactly what I'm talking about and instantly give me affirmation with a quick "ooh, I like that". 

The more I thought about this name the more I loved it because Broker's Best has 2 important intentions: 

1st intention: It is your accountability partner. Your best friend.. your bestie.. your best..  in this tough business

2nd intention: By focusing on what YOU are doing every day in your business you can become the best that you can be. 

You are your best and its your "best". Two great intentions, one great name.

In the 2 short years I have been offering this planner to other agents, I have received feedback from so many that have transformed their business by focusing more on their day to day, organizing priorities and breaking down goals one quarter at a time and truly becoming their best.


A quick side note, here in WA state, all agents are brokers. We carry more individual liability and the next step up is a managing broker's license to manage a team or oversee an office. 


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