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about us

our mission

I'm glad you landed on this page so I can let you in on why and how the Broker's Best planner (formerly, the Brainy Broker planner) came to be.  You are already a part of my journey, whether you are a repeat customer or just browsing this site for the first time - thank you for being here.

I designed the Broker's Best planner around a system I’ve created and refined to keep my business and personal goals top of mind and in focus. As a fellow agent and a busy wife and mom, I am so excited to share this tool designed to help you kick your business into gear and obliterate any obstacles that may come your way.

Since the day I passed my licensing exam 6 years ago, I've been searching for a planner that met my specific day-to-day needs as a real estate agent and entrepreneur. Over the years, I bought so many new planners, I literally needed an intervention. But no matter what fancy new planner I purchased, none of them seemed quite right for this real estate life. I always found myself going back to a standard plain notebook to keep track of my to-do lists.

about us

our story

Then, Mom Brain happened. When my son was born, I was struggling to maintain focus and knocking out my to-do list wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

I was totally off balance and so was my business. I realized that I could no longer run my life from a standard notebook. Because, let’s be honest ... as real estate agents, our schedules are anything but standard.

It was around this time that the Broker's Best planner went from “crazy idea” to “I’m doing this.”

As I was dreaming up my “perfect planner,” I thought to myself, sure a planner is a great tool, but what if I take this idea one step further and create a way to track my daily productivity. What if I could create a point system, where I could add up my points at the end of the week and truly measure how productive I was, and more important, SEE how those actions were contributing to my bottom line. 

about us

daily planner

From tracking leads and showing up on social media, to booking appointments and tracking revenue, my goal was to create a planner that would help me use my time more intentionally than ever before. My favorite part? Competing with myself to try and beat last week’s productivity score.

​The Broker's Best planner is much more than a “daily planner” to help real estate pros like yourself organize your often-chaotic days. It’s a system designed to help you stay laser focused on your goals, so you can create a real estate business (and life) that you love.